BNI membership provides an opportunity for increased exposure to many people and businesses.  There are more than 1,000 business people, representing a variety of businesses and professions, who are members of BNI San Francisco chapters.   As a result, BNI members may provide referrals in places you have not been, and to businesses and people you don’t know.  BNI enables small businesses to leverage a reach similar to that of a large corporation, and it provides larger companies with the personal relationships which often characterize and strengthen smaller organizations.

Through the development of long term, mutually beneficial relationships, members may realize substantially increased business referrals.  BNI provides its members the tools for the successful application of a referral based business.  Members who execute the plan usually see an improvement in business opportunities.

There are six main reasons why businesses should consider BNI membership:

  1. The potential to improve members’ bottom line.

  2. Member discounts.*

  3. Business advice.

  4. Personal development

  5. Professional development.

  6. Value added asset to existing clients.

In addition, members may take advantage of the following ancillary benefits:

For more information contact the BNI office at (408) 681-9755, send email.

* Members are not obligated to offer or provide discounts of any kind.

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